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About Us

Ken’s Concrete Services Inc. is a West Des Moines based concrete contracting company which has serviced the Greater Des Moines area for over 30 years working on both Commercial & Residential projects. Our number one priority is pleasing the customer. We do this by using the best methods and materials to ensure a high-quality, durable finish that lasts.

Our 30 plus years of concrete contracting in Des Moines, IA allows us to analyze and specify the best manner to tackle any project. Whether it is that nasty driveway with uneven surfaces, spalling, discoloration, settling, improper drainage, a leaky basement, or a foundation that needs sprucing or sealing up, we have the tools and the manpower to get it done right.

Why Choose Us?

Our number one concern is the durability and long life of the product. Our methods and materials reflect that mindset. We don't cut corners. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Free Estimates

Estimates are free. We will discuss with you the best way to effect repairs or replacement of existing problems. We will design and spec out your new installation of driveways, patios, parking lots and associated sitework. Clients who need pricing on a project which will affect the sale or purchase of a property will be charged a consulting fee, generally not to exceed $200.00.

Fully Insured

Being fully insured is sometimes overlooked in our industry. We do this to protect you, and your home.

Fast Efficient Service

Although we do get busy, we always communicate dates and times accordingly. We are fast and efficient in our work, and always try to exceed your expectations.

Fully Insured

To protect you and your property!


Free limited warranty on all projects.

Free Estimates

We never charge to estimate your project.


We offer a wide range of services, and our attention to detail to all aspects of your project will give you peace of mind knowing your job was done right and will give years of service.

/Driveway Replacement/

Day in and day out, we do more driveways than anything else, and we do it right. We use a C-4 concrete mix giving your new driveway ultimate strength of up to 5000 PSI, rerod reinforcement, and recycled concrete sub-base.

/Parking Lots & Site Improvements/

Our work conforms to specifications germane to Commercial and and Industrial concrete industry standards. City Right-of-Way work is done to standards provided by each local municipality. We maintain good working relationships with city inspectors by following their permit acquisition and inspection proces.s Our background in commercial construction informs us in the proper installation of your parking lot, curb and gutter, walks, steps, and right of way work..

/Patios & Outdoor Slabs/

We do our best to mitigate disruption to adjacent plantings, lawns, and structures. Dress up your backyard living space with a stamped and colored patio. You’ll be the envy of your neighbors.

/Decorative Concrete/

Stamping and coloring concrete slabs requires a higher level of competence and experience. Our crew has done many projects and they make it seem easy, even though it isn’t. You will be suprised that the cost isn’t as high as one may think. One of the best low cost ways to add interest to any interior or exterior space.

/Poured Walls/

Retaining walls, room additions, & underpins. We use reinforced solid concrete for long lasting durability resistant to settling, tipping, or bowing.

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